Company Overview

Through over 40 years of combined experience in Baja travel, the Book Baja team is the most comprehensive collection of yacht charters, villas rentals, and experiences in Baja California Sur. We specialize in high end travel, only providing top of the line travel accommodations and experiences for private groups and corporate trips.

Book Baja's dedication to service is beyond anything that has ever been available to the Baja traveler. Offering either individual accommodations or end-to-end trip planning, no matter what you are looking for Book Baja is capable of delivering the very best.

Kent Harrington - Founder

As a yacht broker, Kent has sold & chartered yachts globally including the sale of yachts up to 40 meters and chartering yachts as big as 75m M/Y Arrow. His Baja adventures began in Cabo as a child in 1992. He eventually moved there full time to work on fishing boats and private motor yachts from 2008 until 2011. Slowly he began to venture out into more of the Baja Peninsula racking up over 250,000 miles on and off the road over the last 15 years giving him an in depth understanding of the geography and trip routing. Although his land expertise is top shelf, Kent’s understanding of the waters in the Sea of Cortez and up the Pacific Coast of the Baja Peninsula is likely the best of anyone in the world.

His specialty is in selling and chartering motor yachts and sport fishing boats while creating unique Baja experiences for each client. Kent hosts many yachts including famous yachts like M/Y Octopus where he entertained the owner and guests for 3 weeks from dirt biking, fishing, diving and general recommendations at every stop. He represented the buyer on M/Y Rule No. 1 and created a fully customized charter program unique to anything ever done in Baja. One of his many claims to fame is winning the 2022 Loreto fishing tournament for Baja’s largest single cash pay out of all time for a Dorado, bringing in a prize of 232,150 US dollars!

Kent Harrington - Book Baja
Picture of Ted McColl - Co-Founder Book Baja

Ted McColl - Co-Founder

Ted first visited Cabo even before his 1st birthday and has been to Cabo every year since 1995. He has always had an interest for adventure, experiencing nearly every activity Cabo has to offer and is one of the only people to have ever done a solo skydive landing on the famous Lover’s Beach.

After 2 decades of enjoying Cabo as a traveler and connecting with executive staff of most hotels, restaurants, clubs, and activity providers in the area Ted started his own company Sendit Cabo to provide end-to-end trips for Cabo travelers. His extensive and customized trips provided flights, ground transportation, parties, boat excursions, food, and more.

After several years and becoming one of the largest Cabo travel companies, with a huge impact specifically on Spring Break, Ted sold his company to the UK entertainment technology powerhouse Pollen and became their Senior Sales Manager, contributing to much of their development in both Cabo and Rosarito. During his 18 months with Pollen Ted organized trips for over 5,000 travelers to Baja. Ted has been living in Cabo every winter for the past 6 years and spends about 6 months per year or more on the Baja Peninsula.

Chase Harrington - Co-Founder

Chase has loved Baja since he flew there with his dad in 1989 to San Jose del Cabo . There was only 3 places to stay and 2 airlines that flew from the USA back then. Chase would venture to Cabo twice per year with his Father making it a family tradition. This went from twice per year to around 5 times per year still only as a teen. At the age of just 12 years old Chase was introduced to deep sea fishing and caught his first Dorado. After that he was hooked even more on Baja .

As he got older he began spending months at a time surfing, fishing, and exploring all of Baja. From Todos Santos, to San Felipe, to Ensenada, and beyond Chase learned his way around the entire peninsula. He moved to Cabo full time between ’06-’09 to sell fractional ownership and then to helping build, the largest Cabo travel company of it’s time. After countless years of surfing, fishing, watching the Baja 1,000, and sneaking in a round or two of golf, Chase teamed up with his brother Kent to help others experience the same magic of Baja that’s been bringing him back consistently for nearly 25 years!

Picture of Chase Harrington - Co-Founder Book Baja