Mexican Temporary Import Permits

Temporary Import Permits (TIPs) are required on all boats entering the Baja Peninsula. Although cars, RVs, and other land vehicles need TIPS in other areas of Mexico, the requirement is for boats 16ft or larger. These permits are issued by Banjercito which is a military bank and the only agency that issues TIPs. This must be done in person at approved locations in Mexico or select consulates.

Book Baja will handle all the paperwork and acquire your TIP in person in Tijuana for you in a timely manner so you do not need to worry or hassle over the process. We provide the TIP within days of receiving your information and expedited 72 hour TIPs are available for an additional fee.

Note: Mexican Temporary Import Permits are around $50 if you would like to handle the paperwork and acquire them in person at the Mexican Consulate or in Mexico. Our service is here to provide you a convenient and hassle free method of obtaining the permit.

1. Mexican TIP (within 14 days) - $499

2. Expedited TIP (within 72 hours) - $999

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