Off-road expeditions

Baja Expeditions

Number of expeditioners per expedition:

8 minimum – 16 maximum (2 persons per UTV)


Welcome to the most exhilarating off road UTV experience in Baja. You are about to discover a new level of adventure for all your senses with Book Baja Expeditions.

Discover the thrill of driving 50+ miles per hour over some of the most challenging terrain on earth. Enjoy world class cuisine, in the middle of nowhere. Watch the Sun fall into the Sea and reflect on the rhythms of the day while witnessing the awesome majesty of the stars above. It’s here you will discover your “Baja Spirit”. We focus all our efforts on delivering an exceptional Baja off-road experience that you will never forget. We understand that a real adventure must be felt with all your senses.

WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED! When we say “we got you covered” it’s because we back our claim. With the help of our team, your vehicles will be in perfect working condition, to ensure your safety and security throughout your expedition. All mechanical assistance will be provided by our experienced professionals, along with top end lodging and food, that will leave you hungry for more.

Throughout your expedition, we steer our focus toward the enjoyment of your experience. Travel among the most magnificent off-road terrain Baja has to offer while navigating vehicles that are capable of surpassing almost any kind of obstacle. Our team dedicates our knowledge and expertise to your needs on the trail. With the hands of our qualified personnel, we’ll assist you with any mechanical necessity during your adventure. Your lodging and cuisine will give you a true feel and taste of Baja, at venues that are considered a staple of the upper Peninsula. You will experience Baja like never before.

All our experiences are designed according to your needs and hunger of Baja!

  • Highlights of the experience.

  • Food & drink included.

  • Top of the line lodging (As available per location of the expedition)

  • Technical highlights:

  • Chase and mechanical assistance throughout the whole expedition

  • 172 & 195 hp Can-Am units available

  • 32” BFG tires

  • All shock valving service for rough terrain

  • Roof rack for personal storage

  • Tire rack for spare tire

  • Radio and intercom communication.

  • Bluetooth to play your preferred music during your expedition.

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